Surrey Heartlands CCG approves DHC Quality Account 2020-21

As a provider of NHS care, DHC is required to prepare an annual Quality Account for submission to Surrey Heartlands Care Commissioning Group (CCG) who is responsible for planning and buying health services for our local population.

Our Quality Account is a report that provides information about the quality of services we deliver to patients and how we have worked to improve these. The quality of services is measured by looking at patient safety, the effectiveness of patient care and patient feedback. Through an enhanced governance framework and rigorous monitoring of our processes and the experience of patients across all our services, DHC aims to continually improve and innovate.

We are very pleased that our latest Quality Account has just been approved by Surrey Heartlands CCG. We would like to thank all our staff, clinical teams and GP practices for pulling together to meet significant challenges posed by Covid-19 whilst striving to achieve such high standards of patient care.

“Surrey Heartlands CCG believes that DHC has maintained their focus on improving quality of care, patient experience/satisfaction and look forward to continuing to work with DHC to deliver high quality services.”

Extract from the Commissioner Statement, NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG

The CCG also noted that DHC has achieved some very positive milestones:

  • Expanding a range of services including the community medical team to a seven-day service.
  • The introduction of an outpatient COVID-19 aftercare service. This was timely and ahead of the national post-COVID clinic development.

Click here to read the full version of the DHC Quality Account 2020-21

About DHC

DHC (Dorking Healthcare) has grown out of a collaboration of Dorking GP practices to become an NHS provider organisation that serves a population of around 140,000 people across Surrey.
Our services cover primary care, community health, outpatient services and mental health