Annual Staff Survey – 2020

Every year DHC carries out an NHS Staff Survey to see what we are doing well and identify areas for improvement.

Our 2020/21 survey is now complete and we are delighted that 95% of staff say they feel enthusiastic about their job at DHC and that 94% ranked care of patients as the organisation’s top priority compared with 79% nationally.

The survey offers staff the opportunity to comment on a number of areas of their work:

  • Job role and responsibilities
  • Job satisfaction and motivation
  • Involvement in team or departmental changes
  • Support from managers
  • Managers’ interest in staff wellbeing
  • Confidence to speak up about concerns
  • Recommending DHC as a place to work or receive treatment

Staff engagement with the survey was good with a total of 60% of all staff taking part compared with a national average of 45%. This year, questions about the impact of Covid-19 were included to gather staff perceptions on remote working and redeployment.

The contribution of our staff to improvements is of paramount importance. We are encouraged to see that 78% feel that they have adequate materials, supplies and equipment to do their work which represents a big increase on 61% in 2019 and compares strongly with 60% nationally. The trust we place in our staff teams is also evident, with 93% commenting that they feel trusted to do their job.

Providing a safe environment to work is of the utmost importance to DHC and we operate a zero tolerance policy on bullying, harassment, abuse or any form of discrimination. The survey provides insights that help us maintain vigilance across all these areas. We are very pleased that 92% of staff say that DHC takes positive action on health and wellbeing.

As an organisation we are extremely proud of the dedication of our staff which is demonstrated through this survey. We welcome the opportunity to see what we are doing well and to celebrate our successes. In equal measure we are keen to understand areas for improvement so that we have an opportunity to address them in the coming months. We want all staff to continue to feel valued, to enjoy working at DHC and to feel motivated to recommend DHC as a place to work and receive treatment.

About DHC

DHC (Dorking Healthcare) has grown out of a collaboration of Dorking GP practices to become an NHS provider organisation that serves a population of around 140,000 people across Surrey.
Our services cover primary care, community health, outpatient services and mental health