Pond Tail Surgery – National GP Survey Results

The entire team at Pond Tail Surgery in Godstone deserve a mention for the amazing results in the 2023 national GP Patient Survey.

The numbers are a reflection of the hard work and dedication which has gone into turning the surgery around this last year; since joining DHC GP Federation.

Here’s some highlights, which are all above the Surrey Heartlands average for the area, as well as the national average:

  • Patient Satisfaction has increased from 50% in 2022 to 77% in 2023 – an impressive 27% increase.
  • 90% thought the healthcare professional gave them enough time at their last appointment.
  • 95% felt the healthcare professional recognised or understood any mental health issues.
  • 98% were involved as much as they wanted to be in decisions about their care and treatment.
  • 96% had confidence and trust in their healthcare professional.
  • 94% felt their needs were met.

You can search for Pond Tail’s survey results here

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