Day in the life of… a Medical Secretary

I came from a physiotherapy background working in the private sector for a few years and I was looking for a change and was excited to go back within the NHS. I wanted to work somewhere that had the small team feel but a big environment to grow and learn.

I have worked for DHC since 2021 as a medical secretary with a current workload of 14 consultants, over 9 specialties which means every day at work is different. And every clinic I type could be a different specialty.
A normal day would be coming into the office in the morning and checking that there haven’t been any urgent dictations from the clinics the day and night before as well as any urgent emails that need actioning. Once I have actioned anything urgent my morning moves to typing.

As a medical secretary we tend to spend between 8am and 12pm typing in a quiet office environment and there is usually a good amount of the team in should you have any issues or queries or even a word you just can’t get from the dictation. After 12 o’clock I will go through any messages that I have received through the morning and make sure to call back any patients that have called to help them in the quickest and most streamline way.
The messages I get can be anything from someone needing a follow up appointment following on from treatment or a result, chasing prescriptions or requiring prescriptions to just getting a phone number for a bookings team at another trust hospital. Once I have replied to all the queries or calls, I will then go onto the admin side of my job. For admin this could be speaking to the consultants in clinic regarding patient queries, managing the clinic folder documents, finalising letters that have been checked and stuffing the letters.

I love my job as a medical secretary because I am constantly learning especially as DHC adds on more specialties that we offer. The consultants and the teams with in DHC are all so helpful and are always willing to assist in any way to make sure that the patient journey is as smooth as possible and we really do work as a team with the same end goal. I genuinely look forwarded to coming to work every day and tackling each different day and I look forward to developing my skills and knowledge even further as the organisation grows.