our history

At DHC we aim to provide quality healthcare in local setting for the benefit of patients.

Our History

The Dorking GP practices have a long history of working together and trying to improve services for Dorking patients. In September 2004 the Dorking GPs agreed to form a provider organisation to improve and expand outpatient services provided in the local community. 

DHC Ltd (DHC) is a partnership of every single partner in the five Dorking practices (covering 45,000 patients).

We had analysed the pattern of outpatients and found that less than 30% of appointments for Dorking patients were held at Dorking Hospital. We audited Dorking Outpatients Department and found it had a 30% occupancy rate.

The local patients told their GPs they wanted

  • To be seen locally
  • Free parking
  • A good consultant
  • A short wait
  • Prompt follow up treatment or investigations

The GPs had the following experience of the Dorking Outpatients Department prior to DHC running the services at Dorking Hospital.

  • It was organised chaos
  • Investigations and clinical work were duplicated
  • Waits were long
  • There was a "can't help" culture
  • There were too many follow ups

DHC initially worked with the PCT and both Surrey & Sussex Healthcare and Epsom & St Helier Trusts to introduce new specialities and additional consultants for existing specialities with the aim of improving and expanding outpatient services provided in the local community. DHC then took over the operational management of the community hospital outpatients department and set about improving standards and services.

DHC started providing services in June 2005 with eleven clinics each month. It now provides over 300 clinics a month covering a wide range of outpatient services, improving access to psychological therapies (IAPT), direct access ultrasound and cardiac diagnostics, physiotherapy, counselling and consultant psychiatry.

DHC LLP changed to a Limited Company in September 2014.

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