our funding

At DHC we aim to provide quality healthcare in local setting for the benefit of patients.

How Are we funded?

Patients referred to DHC as NHS patients will not have to pay for any element of their treatment (except normal prescription charges).

Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has responsibility for the commissioning (purchasing) of services for Surrey patients. The CCG has decided to purchase some of these services from DHC.

DHC provides outpatient services at national tariff prices, which match those paid to local acute hospitals. We have worked to reduce the number of follow up appointments needed by our patients. We believe the reduction we have achieved in the number of follow up appointments saves the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. We have taken the following steps to reduce follow ups:

Ensure results and information
are available at
the first appointment

Work with experienced
consultants who are
decision makers

Encourage the consultants to allow patients to be followed up by their GP rather than in outpatients
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