patients charter

At DHC we aim to provide quality healthcare in local setting for the benefit of patients.

Our Patients' Charter for you

These are some of the standards you should expect from us (please tell us if and where we don’t match up to them).

We will treat you with dignity, respect and privacy

  • Let us know if you would prefer to be called by your surname
  • We will not discriminate - whatever your age, race, religion or sexual preference
  • Ask to speak in a private room if you feel uncomfortable at the reception desk
  • Ask for a chaperone if you would like one
  • You may have access to your health records and know that everyone who works for the NHS is under a legal duty to keep your records confidential

We want To make sure that you understand properly

  • If you have problems with language - either yours or ours - ask for help, or bring a friend or relative along with you
  • Please ask the doctor questions about your condition and treatment
  • The doctors will explain the results of any tests to you in a way that will help you understand your treatment choices
  • Don't leave the department with a burning clinical question - ask a nurse
  • Ask for a written information leaflet
  • If you would like appointment letters in a larger print size, please ask us

We are interested in your care and welfare – while you are here and afterwards

  • We will take into consideration your own views about decisions relating to your care and treatment
  • We will explain how you can help yourself in managing long term conditions, like diabetes and arthritis
  • Please complete our patient survey questionnaires if you are given one
  • Look for other posters in the department for more information about local support groups and voluntary organisations that cater for your particular problem
  • We will keep the department safe, clean and free from infection. We ask you to use the hand gel or washrooms, to help us achieve this
  • We will do our best to look after your belongings while you are here - please report any suspicious behaviour or incidents to our staff

We are dedicated to reducing waiting times to see a consultant

  • The latest waiting times for each consultant is shown on our website
  • We may call or write to you to remind you about your appointment, because wasted appointments cost the NHS a great deal of money
  • On the day of your appointment you should be seen within a reasonable time.
  • Please ask at reception for an estimate if you think the clinic is running late.
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