DHC executive board

At DHC we aim to provide quality healthcare in local setting for the benefit of patients.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board meets monthly to make key strategic decisions and to hold the management team to account. The majority of Board members are GPs from the local practices and so have first hand experience of the challenges that patients face. In conjunction with the commercial expertise provided by the other Board members, they seek to maintain the highest of clinical governance and corporate standards.

Dr Jonathan Richards – Chairman

As Chairman I am a member on the DHC Board of Directors and provide leadership to the organisation’s officers and executives. In our organisation I ensure that the duties to shareholders are being fulfilled by Directors’ actions by acting as a link between the Board and upper management. I also have an operational role mirroring the Chief Executive’s role but without specific line management responsibilities.

Michael Arnaud – CEO

I work with the Chair, other Directors of DHC and I lead the management team to ensure our services are high quality and efficient. I look after the financial performance of DHC and our contracts with the NHS and partner organisations. I work with the Board to set the strategic direction of the organisation and aim to continuously develop and grow DHC.

Angelica Tewarson – Director of Operations

My role is to streamline, improve & develop our service. Working closely with the Board & our management team my focus is to create efficiencies, seeking new & better ways of delivering our services as well as exploring new areas for growth. As with the other members of the board, my considerations are based around our patients, clinicians, teams, sub-contractors and commissioners.

Dr Stewart Tomlinson – Medical Director

I am responsible for leading medical, nursing and therapy teams within DHC and ensuring that governance, quality, productivity and operational decisions relevant to clinical practice meet the highest standards. I share responsibility with the Board to lead service transformation and represent patients at the highest level within the organisation.

Dr Andre Beattie – CMT and Clinical Research

My roles involve the coordination and leadership of the Community Medical Team (CMT) of GP’s and nurses caring for chronically ill and elderly housebound patients across the Dorking locality, a service that provides extended medical care for patients within their own homes. In addition, my role of clinical research lead involves the promotion, coordination and running of clinical studies for research purposes across the Dorking practices.

Dr Stephen Jefferies – HR Director

My Human Resources Director role is to work with the HR Manager on staff development and training, clinical appraisals, and assist in the recruitment and interview process. In addition I will be working to develop staff payment rewards, benefits and shares, to develop ideas for staff retention, and to oversee and advise on Human Resources issues.

Dr Vishal Sagar – Communication, Education and Marketing Director

I am responsible for leading the organisation’s internal and external communications, and representing DHC to various stakeholders. I also drive the process of Educational meetings in all areas of the organisation and oversee the implementation of the marketing strategy, including digital marketing, events, campaigns and PR.

Gary Collins – Non-Executive Director

My role as Non-Executive Director is to help the Board (and therefore the organisation) create an appropriate Strategic Business Plan to deliver a profitable and effective performance. I also offer Business advice to the Board and act as a sounding board for their ideas and suggestions. I ensure that the Directors consider future succession planning too. As a skilled and professional Trainer I also get involved in the development of individuals and groups for the benefit of both themselves and the organisation.

DHC has a management team that is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation and implementing the decisions of the Board. The management team are:

Dr Jonathan Richards

Michael Arnaud

Angelica Tewarson
(Director of Operations)

Karen Gibson
(Governance Manager)

Chris Berry
(Finance Manager)

Lucy Davenport
(Outpatients Service Manager)

Jemma Millman
(IAPT Service Manager)

Wysan Lau
(Community Medical Team and     Research Manager)

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