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Welcome to my blog, Closer to Home, a place to discuss thoughts on how local NHS healthcare services are developing. I am particularly focused on what we can do as a GP Federation to provide the best possible elective care in the community and help people stay well.

I am the Chief Executive Officer of DHC GP Federation (Dorking Healthcare) and have over 28 years of experience working alongside GPs. I hope that you find my blog informative as well as a springboard for further discussion. I am on LinkedIn if you would like to connect.

Michael Arnaud
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Healthcare is all about the people!

I believe developing, recruiting and retaining high-quality and committed people is our greatest challenge. In this blog I wanted to talk about why there is such a large staffing gap in the NHS and what we are doing to close this.

What is happening to GP practices?

I have been involved in running GP practices in Surrey for 28 years and we are at a point of greatest challenge for primary care. But from challenge comes change and opportunity…