The Executive Board

The DHC Board brings together an experienced team who have worked within the NHS and more widely in the healthcare sector at executive level and includes DHC Federation GPs.

Together they work to maintain the highest of standards across DHC services.

Dr Stewart Tomlinson

Chairman & Medical Director
As Chairman, I enable the Board of Directors to focus on our key strategies and fulfil our responsibilities to shareholders. In my role as Medical Director of DHC, I lead medical, nursing and therapy teams and support development of an environment of clinical excellence for our patients with the highest standards of governance.

Michael Arnaud

Chief Executive Officer
I work with the Board to set the strategic direction of our organisation and ensure that we continuously develop and improve. I represent DHC across Surrey, building close and beneficial relationships with other organisations. I also look after our financial performance and our contracts with the NHS and partner organisations.

Jemma Millman

Chief Operating Officer
I am responsible for the operational delivery and performance of both clinical and non-clinical services, working closely with our management team. With broad experience across occupational therapy as well as mental and physical health services, I have a passion for delivering great healthcare to the whole person.

Dr Andre Beattie

Director of Community Health Services
I am Clinical Lead for the Community team in the Dorking area and representative for DHC at the Surrey Downs Health & Care Board. I help promote and develop integrated community services that bring innovative ways of supporting chronically ill and elderly housebound patients at home and reduce unnecessary admissions into hospital.

Dr Vishal Sagar

Director of Primary Care & Service Development
Driving our primary care development strategy implementation, I share best practices, scale solutions, and build partnerships for organisational growth. A fervent advocate for optimising primary care estates and leveraging digital health innovations to elevate patient care. Collaborating with diverse providers to uncover new opportunities for transformative healthcare.

Frankie Laws

Director of Marketing & Communications
I am responsible for developing marketing and communication strategies at DHC. I direct campaigns and develop messages on behalf of all aspects of our organisation. I work to ensure that the DHC brand identity is robust and appropriate for all our NHS stakeholder and patient audiences.

Ronnie Godfrey

DHC Director for South Tandridge
I am responsible for the Primary Care Network of South Tandridge. I work with my colleagues on the Board to develop plans to work at scale across primary care and to develop DHC Outpatient services at Oxted. I am passionate about collaborations that provide improved services and I lead on our patient engagement strategy.

Dr Michael Ince

DHC Director for Redhill Phoenix
I am responsible for Redhill Phoenix Primary Care Network, Population Health Management and Equality, Inclusion and Diversity. I work to improve health outcomes on a broad scale using pro-active data and I support community-based partnerships to help create a welcoming, supportive and empowering environment for all who use or work within DHC.

Dr Liesel Moffett

DHC Director for Dorking
I am responsible for Dorking Primary Care Network. I also work to bed in Neighbourhood working at ‘grass roots’, building relationships with local stakeholders and increasing collaboration with partners across our GP Federation. Learning from one another and working together are helping us to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents.

Dr Simon Johnson

DHC Director for ICP
I am responsible for the Primary Care Network of Integrated Care Partnership, based over four sites in Epsom. I work to strengthen our relationship with DHC Federation and to promote secondary care services that benefit patients. My goal is to facilitate high quality services that improve health outcomes and bring satisfaction across our network.

Doug Ross

Non-Executive Director (NED)
As a Non-Executive Director (NED), I am an impartial member of the DHC Board providing an outsider's view and bringing private sector insights to organisational issues. I challenge leadership, ask the tough questions, and help leaders look for creative and innovative solutions to managing change within the NHS.