The Executive Board

The DHC Board brings together an experienced team who have worked within the NHS and more widely in the healthcare sector at executive level and includes DHC Federation GPs.

Together they work to maintain the highest of standards across DHC services.

Dr Jonathan Richards

As Chairman, I am a member of the DHC Board and I provide leadership to its officers and executives. I ensure that our responsibilities to shareholders are being fulfilled by playing an active liaison role between the Board and senior management. I also mirror some aspects of the operational role carried out by our CEO.

Michael Arnaud

Chief Executive Officer
I work with the Board to set the strategic direction of our organisation and ensure that we continuously develop and grow DHC. I lead the management team and work with them to ensure our services are high quality and efficient. I also look after our financial performance and our contracts with the NHS and partner organisations.

Dr Stewart Tomlinson

Medical Director
I am responsible for leading medical, nursing and therapy teams within DHC and ensuring that governance, quality, productivity and operational decisions relevant to clinical practice meet the highest standards. I share responsibility with the Board to lead service transformation and represent patients at the highest level within the organisation.

Dr Andre Beattie

Clinical Director, Community Services
I lead the Community Medical Team in the Dorking area, which provides extended medical care for chronically ill and elderly, housebound patients. As Clinical Director, I work to design integrated community services that bring innovative ways of supporting patients at home. I also lead clinical research studies across the Dorking practices.

Dr Vishal Sagar

Director of Service Development & Education
I am responsible for leading development and transformation across our organisation, for existing services as well as new service areas. I also create and oversee a programme of educational events for GPs which provide opportunities for general practice audiences to learn from specialist clinicians at DHC.

Ronnie Godfrey

Director of Primary Care, South Tandridge
I am responsible for the Primary Care Network of South Tandridge. I work with my colleagues on the Board to establish more integrated ways of working across our practices that bring great benefits to patients. I am passionate about developing collaborations that provide patients with new and improved services.

Dr Liesel Moffett

Director of Primary Care, Dorking
I have been a GP in Dorking since 2008 where practices have a long history of working together. As Director of Primary Care, I play a central role in cementing these relationships and ensuring that we continue to take a joined-up approach and share best practice as we introduce new initiatives to improve patient care.

Dr Michael Ince

Director of Primary Care, Redhill Phoenix
I am responsible for the Primary Care Network of Redhill Phoenix. I work to shape service provision in General Practice and to improve health outcomes on a wider scale. I am responsible for strengthening our multidisciplinary staff team to provide new services for patients and ensure high standards of healthcare.

Jemma Millman

Director of IAPT & Wellbeing
I lead our IAPT (Talking Therapies) service and I have a passion for delivering great healthcare to the whole person. I use my broad experience across occupational therapy, mental health, addiction services and acute physical health to advocate for integration of mental health and wellbeing across all DHC services.

Frankie Laws

Director of Marketing & Communications
I am responsible for developing marketing and communication strategies at DHC. I direct campaigns and develop messages on behalf of all aspects of our organisation. I work to ensure that the DHC brand identity is robust and appropriate for all our NHS stakeholder and patient audiences.