Intermediate care

Intermediate care is designed to bring care closer to home and help reduce referrals into acute hospitals. DHC is working with the Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) to create new care pathways for patients that make it possible to receive specialist care without going into hospital.

Case study: DHC Integrated Dermatology Service

Under this new pathway, patients registered with Dorking GP practices who require a referral to see a dermatologist, are now able to receive treatment and follow up from a local GP who specialises in dermatology. Patients are managed by their own GP practice and digital systems have been put in place to aid a seamless journey through the service. Should a consultant opinion be required, patients are invited to attend a hospital outpatient appointment at Dorking Hospital as part of the pathway.

Intermediate care pathways will be designed for many other specialities and we are looking forward to the benefits these will bring to our patients.