Patient Information Leaflet

Fields Test

Your eye doctor has asked that you have a visual field test. This is an important test that can help, monitor, diagnose and manage your eye condition.

What is a Fields Test?

The purpose of the test is to plot the extent and detail of your field of vision.

In preparation for your Fields Test

In order to achieve an accurate test, it is important you bring your current reading and distance glasses or a copy of your latest glasses prescription.

What happens during a Fields Test?

The field test will require you to sit at the field machine, in dim light, with your head forward and your chin supported on a rest. Each eye will be tested separately. You will be asked to look straight ahead at a central target, blinking normally. Small lights will be introduced into your peripheral vision. These will be small flashing lights. You will be asked to indicate when you are aware of the lights in your peripheral vision. This is usually done by pressing a buzzer.

How long with the test last?

In most patients, the test will last between 5 and 10 minutes per eye but, can sometimes be longer. You will be given a rest between each eye and can indicate whether you need to stop during the test, to help you maintain your concentration.

Can I drive after a field test?

No eye drops are used for the field test. If you are attending for a field test only, you may drive.

However, if you are seeing the doctor or having an OCT scan on the same day as your field test, dilating eye drops may be used as part of the doctor’s examination. If used, these drops will impact your vision, meaning you will be unable to drive or operate machinery until your vision returns to normal.

Who is the field test not suitable for?

This test is totally painless, but it is not appropriate for patients with severe neck problems. The use of flickering lights may cause concern for some patients. If you are worried about this, please speak to your nurse on the day of your appointment.

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